Caribbean ICT Stakeholders Virtual Community CIVIC) Time Line

Background Documents











Membership numbers at end of year (see full Membership Statistics)









  1. ICA/IDRC Caribbean ICT Roundtable   Barbados October 02
  1. CIVIC is an Open network Charter adopted in March 2003



  1. CIVIC Charter revisited, amended proposal approved (august 2007)


Working groups related to CIVIC structure and mechanisms


  1. One post Barbados event  working groups Prepared charter proposal
  2. The modality of mandated CIVIC Work Groups is set.
  1. Proposed Discussion Roadmap for CIVIC, presented in December 2005
  1. What will be CIVIC' working group report and recommendations for new charter and progress indicators
  2. Enhancing CIVIC Diversity Working Group proposes recommendations (Dec 06) 
  3. new CIVIC Platform (CIVIC 2.0) working group Results (Dec 06) 
  4. Mechanism definition for (mandated) CIVIC voice at the Regional ICT steering Committee (Feb-2006). Mandate for DevNet  approved, + renovated in March 08.
  1. CIVIC 2.0 event (ongoing) process with the main objective of defining strategic plan.

Working groups for regional papers contributions


  1. Working groups: a Caribbean contribution to the WSIS  Geneva 2003 (February 2003)
  2. Post Barbados phase, first 4 thematic working groups limited results (Jan-March. 03)
  1. Civic inputs for  WGIG  (July 2005), presented at regional ITU event.

Working groups:

  1. Caribbean ICT4D Case studies contest ( Call for Case Studies, Rubric used to assess case studies Report on Call for Case Studies)
  2. CIVIC support for the Caribbean Telecentres workshop/list (June 2006)


Projects to support and enhance CIVIC:
CarISnet 1 and 2


  1. After March 03, Yacine volunteer list moderator (till April 2005)
  2. End of 2004 : 4 organizations form CarISneT consortium

April 2005: CarISneT 1 project to support CIVIC starts. Seeks and get CIVIC mandate to assume moderation and working groups facilitation  - thanks to 2-year funding (ICA/IDRC)

  1. January 07 end of CarISneT 1
  2. CIVIC moderation back to volunteer work (Feb 07-March08)
  3. December 07 new for Mandate from CIVIC to implement CarISnet 2 project proposal.


  1. April: launched CarISneT 2 Thanks to 1-year funding (IDRC)










promotion and CIVIC diversity enhancement activities

Mailing List automatic translation manually (until march 03)

  1. Diversity coordinator mandated.


  1. CARDIS (Funredes) meeting (DR Dec 05)
  1. CarISneT promotion meeting in Haiti- November 2006 (Nov 06)
  2. Enhancing CIVIC Diversity Working Group proposes recommendations (Dec 06) 
  3. Automatic translation of mailing list on a web


  1. CIVIC 2.0 event  in DR,
  2. special DR promotion event


  1. dgroups Mailing list launched for event -
  1. CIVIC info hosted at ICA/IDRC web
  1. CarISneT project web hosts how to join CIVIC information
  2. Caribbean ICT Clearinghouse established on site. For it CarISneT developed and consulted CIVIC on Parameters, specification document and editorial policy . Later 2006 face technical problems.
  3. A CIVIC working group develops   technical platform for CIVIC requirements (Dec 06) 
  1. currently (Oct 08) CIVIC working group develop ToR and hired consultant for new CIVIC 2.0 web/platform
  2. CIVIC 2.0 channel managers selection (ongoing, Oct 08) and training at the event

Surveys and stats




Some CIVIC statistics produced for the Cardicis meeting.

  1. CIVIC working group prepare TOR for a consultant for Civic Survey (Sept 06)
  2. Result of the independent CIVIC Survey conducted in November 2006 by Enrique Piraces (20% participation)
  1. results of  the 2008 CIVIC survey, to plan for CIVIC 2.0 event
  2. CIVIC Membership and participation statistics since creation.

Capacity development


  1. Planned training in ICT4D policy advocacy at the event. Area selected trough this survey,

Graphic illustrant la croissance des membres :